Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New iPods!

New iPods out; what do you guys think??

I'm personally plenty surprised and excited; it looks like a great lineup for this holiday season, and just more support for Apple iPods. Does this mean that I'll be updating my first generation iPod Touch anytime soon? Nah, I think I'll keep it until it breaks. And considering the great build quality, that ought to be when the battery starts to sputter out and die.

Anyone buying a new iPod? Apple TV?


  1. Wow, great ipad nanos!

  2. i dont buy into that bullsheeet : )
    for a quarter of apples price, you can get just as decent of a product from a different company...
    showed love.

  3. haha i dunno about the that. i only considered the ipad until i found out the touchscreen wasn't speced the way i wanted but other then that i'm not down with apple products.

  4. i see somes at "saturn" today
    i'm realy not fan of!!!

  5. wow is that the new nano, i might have to go pick one up that looks awesome.