Saturday, September 18, 2010

I ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS! Thanks for the many responses!

Some of you posted questions for me to answer for wedding photography and photography in general.

Dave asked about HDR photography at weddings. Sure, HDR is always a great idea and can make a shot have a higher dynamic range. However, make sure that your HDR work complements the other photos of the bride/groom/family in the porfolio. I would not want a single photo to see out of place when presenting them. An HDR of a church and an HDR of a wedding are two seperate things.

Rawry asked about my equipment for weddings. I highly recommend a full-frame and cropped frame camera as backup. I also recommend the following lenses: a 24-70mm f/2.8L USM (for most closeups and portraits), a 70-200mm (for during the ceremony and closeups), as well as a 35mm prime (for landscape, all-around, lightweight backup).

applecider asked about how to pose to seem "leaner", and I assume that she means "thinner". Full frontal shots are always the least flattering, and it is best to capture a body in motion. This creates fluid lines and helps the eye follow the motion from the arms to the legs. However, only fluid motions such as walking, leaning, and other small movements can help it seem leaner. When photographing couples walking down stairs, it is easy to make the body seem wider and larger than it is, as the leg extensions and arm movements are more awkward than fluid.

I'll respond to more questions if you have any to ask! I'm always happy to help!


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