Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sense. This Car Makes None.

A hybrid? Okay, that's fine. A sports car? Okay, I can see it. But how the hell can it be both? This isn't a pure electric sports car like the Tesla Roadster, nor is it a stripped down, high power-to-weight ratio, coupe. It's a silly idea at Honda for a "sports hybrid", which I think in of itself is a terrible idea.

Have you ever seen a BMW M5? The e60 model? That's a proper sports sedan. It has a naturally aspirated V10, and it makes about 8-12 MPG. What you also get is 500+ hp/tq.

Lets take a look on the other side of the spectrum at the Toyota Prius. It gets about 50MPG, and is a proper hybrid. In fact, it defines the hybrid market. Specs aren't terrible either, at about 120 combined HP.

But what the hell is this Honda CRZ? It has neither the fuel efficiency of a Prius, nor the sportiness of anything more than a Corolla.

Do yourself a favor and skip thinking about this car; sportiness and fuel efficiency is not impossible, but you shouldn't have to settle for the CRZ.

My recommendation? If you like fuel economy, go with a Prius. Or a Civic, if you want to be a bit more "sporty". Want something bigger? Ford Fusion Hybrid.

Want sporty at a low price? Mazda MX-5. Don't want a convertible? Hyundai Genesis Coupe or the new Mustang. If you've got the money, spur for a 3 series coupe, MercBenz SL/SLK, or maybe even a Porsche Cayman.


  1. True, that looks really crappy! But well, if you don't care how many MPG you get and just want a car with bad seats, plastic interior and other crappy stuff, you go with the Honda :-P

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  3. I didnt like the color from the beginning.


  4. ugly. they need to make a good looking smart car