Monday, August 30, 2010

Intel i7 860

I've been using this on my work computer for the past few months, and it is sooooo quick. My usual rig for posting and just surfing the web (and maybe a bit of casual photoshop/itunes/etc) is a Macbook Pro 2.4ghz 15" with 2GB RAM, basic onboard video, and the works. It's pretty zippy already, but NOTHING compares to the i7 860.

It's probably the best bang for your buck you'll ever spend; it retails for something around $250 at the time of this posting. Anyways, look into it, especially if you're thinking about updating your rig.


  1. Man this is how much I paid for my shitty AMD dual core. Wish I was upgraidng my computer now instead of 2 years ago =/

  2. i need to get me one of these :( im stuck in the dual core era

  3. In reply to your comment on my blog:

    Lol well mine's not bad its a 6400 (I think, it's 3.2Ghz, just layed mw2, worked fine lol, wish I could've gotten an i7 back then though.

  4. the i7-920 is even better I have it OC'd to 3.8 GHz (on air!) its amazingly fast I generate 12.5mil trips/sec