Wednesday, October 6, 2010

University Life

After a few weeks in the big University, it is easy to get lost amongst the thousands of students. My current University has over 23,000 undergraduates alone, with about 5,000 graduates. Most students are lost amongst the crowd, and everyone is just a blend of faces.

Lectures are no longer face-time with professors; instead, it is a form of dictatorship where hundreds of students type away and trying to process the words of an aging professor. It lacks vigor, communication, and personality as much as it makes up with efficiency and technicality.

Lecture halls are so enormous, cramped chock full of hungry college students with squished into small spaces. God forbid you are obese, as every hour of discussion and lecture is hell.


  1. meh... is kinda lonely if there's only 10 students in one room. you could also get called a lot and it will be embarrassing if you don't know the answer to the question. lol

  2. We had 30 people in one of my college courses and that was cramped. I like the smaller classes oppose to the larger ones.